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Suggestions to a successful fantasy hockey pool :


Free agents

Players on the last year of a contract, especially before unrestricted free agency, have a tendency to elevate their game to a whole new level especially for offensive players where statistical data tend to testify for bigger offers in the off season. 


Player’s role

It is important to analyze a team’s depth in order to figure out the player’s role in that team. This will define how much ice time this player is likely to receive five on five and on the power play.Hockey goal These are two major factors that are correlated to a player’s offensive contribution or therefore lack of.


It is also essential to look at a  player’s playing partners. This can have a great influence on a player’s production. Some players come out of nowhere when matched with the right partner. Hello Mr.Cheechoo.


Therefore with all the changes that occur during the offseason, you should always be careful of players that had good years last year but that lost a great playing partner during that offseason. Leave these risky players to others. Hello Thomas Vanek. The opposite holds true of course. Find unknown players that will be matched with great players in their new team.

Rookies and sophmore

Rookies are a gold mine of surprise players that could emerge during the season as major point productors for your pool. Look for rookies that are susceptible to play on first lines or on the PowerPlay. 



Nothing can kill a pool more than injuries to important players. That is why you should be mindful of a player’s history with injuries. Has he been injured in the past, how long… 


Team’s style of play

Every single team plays a different way and has a philosophy of its own. Some teams prefer a defensive style of play, so less players are susceptible to make points. At the opposite, some teams don’t mind getting in high scoring games. Be mindful of a team’s schedule in that sense. 


Salary cap

If you are playing in a salary cap pool, it is better to stay away from players who have signed contracts recently since these players might be overpaid. Young players that are in their three first years of their career usually don’t earn more than a million; they are usually good deals event tough they might be among the NHL elite.



In some pools, goalies can stack up many points, it is therefore important to scout goalies correctly. It might be a good idea to choose the top goalie before anyone else since they can be a sure bet. For example, goalies like Brodeur or Kiprusoff can be sure things since they play for defensive minded teams on top of being very skillful. Take this advice in consideration especially if your pool is generous with shutouts.


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