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Suggestions to a successful fantasy hockey pool :


Team status

Take into consideration that if a player in the team is the player designated for free throws as a result of technical errors, his offensive statistics will be higher. Of course, you should take a look at this player’s pourcentage from the line last year.

BasketballFor all players, it's very important to analyze the depth of the team and to locate the position of each player in the team thus his playing time, a factor directly proportional with the probable offensive contribution for this player. 

It's essential to have a good idea of possible playing partners,  since it is a team’s sports, a player can greatly increase it's chances of finishing the season with high stats if he is well surrounded. A good passer can is more limited than a point scorer who will thrive from the presence of the passer. 

Free agency

With trades the off-season, but especially with unrestricted agents who leave their team, you must at all costs be wary. In many cases, if the left good partners behind a fall in production is more likely, it is sometimes better to take these players later in the pool.  

Players status

The players in the final year of a contract, particularly right before free agency (which they usually reach pretty fast), are particularly likely to raise their game a notch. This will be reflected particularly in their offensive statistics since this is what brings the money home.



Each year, several young players with little experience in the NBA are likely to find themselves in an environment that can bring their best: especially if they are given offensive responsabilities, etc. .



We should always bear in mind the historical wounds of the players because there are players who are more fragile than others, so think twice before you pick one of those players in the first round. 


Style of the team

Before selecting one player over another, it's important to take note of the philosophy of each team, some teams are good but very defensive minded, which often translates into victories from 96 to 90 versus the losses from 110 to 103 for weaker but more offensive teams. 


The ceiling

For pools with a salary cap, avoid,  as much as possible, players who have recently signed a contract as an unrestricted agent since they are more than likely overpaid. At the opposite, rookies are good bargains in salary cap pools since they are new and still have to prove themselves.


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